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''This is the start of another chapter'' (Seth's High in High School Episode 9)

Seth ran toward the bathroom to brush his theeth. After he looked around for a few minutes, Seth couldn’t seem to find his thoothbrush so he just used his finger instead. 718 more words


''Expelifuckus'' (Seth's High in High School Episode 7)

During the whole bus trip and even after arriving home all Seth could think about was that Harry character. ”Who is he?”, ”Does Layla want him?” ”Is he going enchant her with his magical wand?”, Seth would ask himself all of these questions. 730 more words


''I shall explore it and discover it's most deep secrets'' (Seth's High in High School Episode 3)

Seth and Dean followed Layla into the living room. Seth knew that Dean was watching him, so he did his best not to look at Layla buttocks which were almost popping out of her shorts. 812 more words


''I will cut your dick off'' (Seth's High In High School Episode 2)

”My god Seth, let’s just leave.”, Dean said.
As Seth and Dean were exiting the Has Beans coffee shop, Dean started speaking:
”She did have some nice looking whoopers.”. 874 more words



Try walking and that fucker comes about within no time!!

Dirty Dancing: The Blunder Years

Dirty dancing: it’s like sex without the shame or embarrassment…unless you’re me, then it’s just more of the same. 

Despite being a major dance sensation at weddings when I was five, I lost my confidence to dance when puberty hit.  773 more words


12 Year Old Boners vs The Northern Lights

Katie: So do you, like, remember your dick getting bigger? I mean…..like….when did you start masturbating?

Kris: I don’t know….the 7th grade.

Katie: So from the time you were 12 – was there like a moment where you were like, “Yeah, this is what I’m talkin about. 176 more words