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Bones, Ch. 7 - Flight

They whipped her.

Tried to torture her for information she didn’t even have.

All because of me.

The thoughts haunted Necronim, tracing his steps as he and Kalya made their way from the cell where she’d been held like wolves stalking their prey. 1,003 more words


Bones, Ch. 6 - Savior

The sound of a key turning in the door of her cell caused Kalya to startle awake and she couldn’t help the yelp that came as pain lanced down her back and up her arms. 1,099 more words


Bones, Ch. 5 - Fear

“A letter?” repeated Necronim as he reached up to catch the rolled up missive Kwaaku tossed towards him.

“From Aunt Caren,” answered the centaur with a nod. 1,203 more words


Bones, Ch. 4 - Prisoner

“Where did you get the dagger, woman?”

Lifting her head wearily despite the ache along her back, Kalya gave her interrogator her best glower. It probably wasn’t actually her best, of course, given her current state but it was the best attempt she could put forth at the moment. 395 more words


Bones, Ch. 3 - Reminders

Cocking his head to the side, Necronim frowned at the carved piece of wood in his hands before making another ever so delicate cut. As he made another then lifted the piece to blow away any strays bits, he glanced off to his right where a tiny centaur girl – barely two years old yet tall enough to reach his waist already – danced back and forth on delicate hooves. 510 more words


Bones, Ch. 2 - Information

“We will reward any who can bring us information! A hundred gold coins to the man or woman who can tell us what we want to know!” 931 more words


Bones, Ch. 1 - Atonement

Blood welled up over his hands, slipping easily between fingers that were no longer entirely capable of creating a seal over a wound. Snarling a curse under his breath, he jerked a hand away from the wound and tore his cloak off of his shoulders. 1,177 more words