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To work your fingers to the bone

To work very hard and for a long time.

CATALAN  Fer més hores que un rellotge

SPANISH  Hacer más horas que un reloj

Parts Of The Body

To be skin and bone

To be extremely thin.

CATALAN  Ser tot pell i ossos

SPANISH  Estar en los huesos

Parts Of The Body

To put a chill in your bones

Someone who tries to scare you.

CATALAN  Posar la por al cos

SPANISH  Meter miedo en el cuerpo

Parts Of The Body

In Defense of Castle's Copied Storylines

Last week, Castle fans were outraged over a veiled comment made by David Boreanaz at Comic Con. After a debate with Emily Deschanel over how to say “bullets” correctly, Boreanaz says, “This is why the relationship works. 764 more words