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So I caught Bones sleeping with his eyes open...

To look at him, you’d have thought he was just the most chill turtle in the world, sitting there on his little floating platform with his head stuck out and his legs all tucked in, just watching you calmly. 195 more words

Day In The Life


I’ve been shown
pictures of bones,
models of bones,
fossils of bones.
But these are dry,
grey, and brittle.
Your bones, inside you,
are alive actually.
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A horror movie in rewind

Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones,  the restoration of Judah and Israel, and a message for Gog: Ezekiel 37–39

God took the complaints of Israel—that they were dead as a nation and no better than a pile of dry bones—and showed Ezekiel a vision of life. 150 more words


The Funny Bone (Danger: Puns)

It was the annual pickup game

At the Summer Camp for bones,

And the kids paid rapt attention

To a spine named Mr. Jones.


“I’d like to introduce you,” 110 more words


once upon a time

a girl said, I love the very bones of you.

she didn’t really, but it was a lovely thing to say.


Narratively: Human Stories, Boldly Told.

Narratively is a multimedia news website that tells the everyday human story. The site doesn’t focus on the breaking news, but on the stories of the average person in the world. 520 more words