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Criteria for Choosing the Right Glass Water Bong

Glass water bongs are something that you have to carefully consider as there are literally millions of options with a wide price range. While we can’t tell you what bong to get exactly we can help point you in the right direction with a set of criteria to fit your smoking needs. 726 more words

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How to Clean Bong

How to Get a Nice Clean Bong

Bongs are pieces of art that should be revered and admired but often times they get dirty, sticky and pieces blacken making it look used and well un-desirable. 356 more words



The bowl of our bong broke. Whatever shall we do?

Continue on, my fellow ornithologists, continue, that is what we shall do. I shall deliver the very best marijuana-induced bird facts with the pipes at our disposal, until such a time as I can spend $10 on a new bowl.

Thank you, and good luck.


Cannabis - Bury the Bong

Who videos themselves burying their bong for an art piece. What the actual hell right?

Josh somebody I met at university apparently does. Josh was a sickly green colour with terrible teeth and was quite sweaty – this may have been due to the fact he was reasonably overweight though. 766 more words