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Daisy Vaporizer

For me, the Daisy by small US based manufacturer Triihouse is the perfect example that building a vaporizer can be true art! Daisy resembles the simple but effective technology of her forefather the Waldo, but has a much nicer and handy design, that even would make the famous french designer and architect Le Corbusier proud. 404 more words


Ultimate stereotypes

New York rapper Brother Ali got to choose what ever genre, religion, identity, WHO HE FUCKING WAS when he was born albino….
He didn’t have a colour, just a skin disorder, these ‘people’ don’t belong to any racial hierarchy! 97 more words


Don't call yourself a feminist

If feminism is supposed to be about the social, economic and political equality of the sexes, shouldn’t it be called something else? To ask for equality and then add a gender to the word describing the fight for equality, FUCK YOU, become an equalist, fight for gender, racial, religious and power equality.


Joke of the Day 8/21/2014

Joke of the Day:

Q: How do you know when you are a true stoner?

A: When your bong gets washed more than your dishes! 11 more words

Joke Of The Day

Crafty! Miley Cyrus Decorates Her 5-Foot Bong With Gifts From Fans (PHOTOS)

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If there are two things Miley Cyrus loves, they’re weed and her fans.

She proved that when she uploaded this video of her enormous bong, decorated with gifts from her adoring fans. 88 more words


All of the good things

Over decorated bong! Check! Baller a$$ bangerz tour jacket! Check! Billy Ray in a pot leaf tank top! Double check! Looks like the only thing that this gurlz missing is her loving boyfriend (me). 41 more words