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New Music: Blown Out - "Drifting Way Out Between Suns"

Recently, thanks to Brett Savage of Dead Sea Apes, I was introduced to the sonic delight that is Haikai No Ku’s “Ultra High Dimensionality” – when I saw that sister-band Blown Out were about to release “Drifting Way Out Between Suns”, I knew I had to have more of that sound in my life. 408 more words


Using a Bong

Smoking using a bong contrasts with smoking using a pipe or cigarette in two major ways. Bongs cool the smoke before it enters the user’s lungs and a large amount of smoke is inhaled quickly as opposed to the smaller, more frequent, inhalations of pipe and cigarette smoking. 423 more words


Freedom Fighters .

good mornings grope at your organs

Squeeze, void bowels and lungs alike.

Headlights of cars peer through fog in beams

I guess 7am, as the train sounds, the civics bottom out on the speed bump… 33 more words

Chaase Dylan

NARKOBA, poster karya siswa

NARKOBA, poster karya siswa. Poster ini terinspirasi dari kehidupan anak muda kekinian yang selalu merujuk pada mimpi-mimpi indah, namun tak seindah di krhidupan nyata, Narkoba disangka indah, namun pembaca sangat tau akibatnya. 73 more words


The first post

With the first post I make, I find my mind flowing in many different directions. I’m not exactly sure what I want to talk about right from the get go. 329 more words