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Blooming Yucca

For some reason there seem to be a lot of yucca plants blooming on my trails this year.

Usually I’m lucky to see one of two of them. 102 more words


Earth Day at the Computer

What an excuse!

My person has been sitting at the computer all day.

I mean it. All day!

And she says she doesn’t have time to type up my blog post. 92 more words


One Lonely Flower

This time of year on most parts of my trails there are flowers. Some here, some there.

But enough flowers that my person is constantly stopping to take pictures. 135 more words


Peeking into the Tomb

Person, I’ve been waiting all week because you told me there’s more to the story.

But I don’t know how there can be.

I mean, they nailed Jesus to a cross and He died. 574 more words


Politically Incorrect Corner

You may recall the politician who recently referred to Africa as bongo-bongo land.  There I was thinking he was making light of African musical tradition, or possibly long-distance messaging by drums, but perhaps he knew the African antelope like beast I saw recently at Quex House:


Stump with a Heart

I pass this stump almost every day when I go walking on my trails, but there’s something different about it today.

This stump has a heart. 133 more words


Rock Pile Wars

They’re at it again.

More rock piles on my trails.

Right near the part of my trail that everybody passes by.

They should leave the rock piles on the part of my trails where hardly anybody goes. 119 more words