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Rock Pile Wars

They’re at it again.

More rock piles on my trails.

Right near the part of my trail that everybody passes by.

They should leave the rock piles on the part of my trails where hardly anybody goes. 119 more words


Gone with the Century

Hmmm. What’s this?

It looks like it’s from another century.

Last year’s century.

I know last year was only a year, but it had centuries in it too. 119 more words


One Little Escape

A few nights ago I was hanging out in the backyard and I didn’t want to come back inside.

I’ve never escaped at night before, so I convinced my person to let me stay in the yard. 240 more words


Curtailed Jumping

Doesn’t Gizmo look sweet sleeping on the bed?

Well, don’t you believe it for a minute.

It’s all a ruse – a clever disguise.

There’s nothing sweet about Gizmo. 201 more words


Mischief in my Kennel

There has been a whole lot of mischief going on around here.

Ever since Gizmo found out he’s staying here for good he’s been trying to take over the place. 143 more words


Setup Bongo 1.0 and VRay for Exploded View Animation

Dear Class,

  • To Attach Objects using Parent/Child Relationship
  • To Attach Objects to move via a Pre-set Path
  • Set-Up your View-port in order to see the actual rendered size…
  • 21 more words
Rhino 3D

It's Not Over Yet

Hey person, I’ve been worried all week about what’s going to happen to Jesus.

You ended the story too soon.

They arrested Him, but I don’t know what happened after that. 576 more words