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Light and Bright: The Starlets Step Out for the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

Oh to be successful, young and beautiful! If ever there was cause to celebrate that golden trifecta, then it was Sunday night at the Young Hollywood Awards. 292 more words

Channel Fashion

Best Dressed At 2014 Young Hollywood Awards: Vanessa Hudgens & More

The hottest stars in Hollywood hit the red carpet for the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards on July 27, and we have all the details on their stunning looks! 286 more words

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Cat Blogging

It’s been really quiet lately.

No Bongo around.

Peaceful, but kind of boring.

Hey Scratchy, check this out.

Bongo’s blog.

There aren’t any posts on it. 40 more words


Vanessa Hudgens Spots Herself In NYC!

Vanessa Hudgens took to the streets of New York City the other night to go sight seeing, but she never expected to see someone to familiar… herself!! 57 more words

Disney Star And Celebrity News

On Vacation

I’m on vacation – hanging out at the dog hotel for a few days.

They don’t allow dogs to have WIFI here.

I’m going to have to get my person to find me a place that has all the amenities (whatever those are).

See you soon.


Where's the Rescue?

I’ve been waiting all week to find out what happened to Stephen after he was arrested.

The angels rescued him, right?

What do you mean, I have to listen to find out? 363 more words


Who's the Boss?

They bark at me every time I pass their yard.

Which is every day – because their yard is right by my trails.

I guess they’re trying to tell me who’s boss. 89 more words