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Favourite Fiction Excerpts: Françoise Sagan, Bonjour Tristesse

I think the quality I most admire in much of the French literature I’ve read is cruelty. From Baudelaire to Camus to Houellebecq, when the French take up the pen, it’s rarely to flatter readers. 656 more words


“David Niven and I are like a circus together. The awful trouble is we break each other up laughing so hard. We shouldn’t be allowed to work together anymore because we have too much fun. 100 more words

Bonjour Tristesse

I’ve composed a triptych with the mosaic maker online software of bighugelabs.com
- trying to illustrate the mood which I felt in the latest song I’ve played: 62 more words

The wisdom of Cecile


Three quotes from the book ‘Bonjour Tristesse’ (By Francoise Sagan), translated from French. It is a short novel about a young woman who, in my view, somewhat misleads herself into an ill-fated plot to preserve her perceived happiness. 229 more words