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Just a little post to say bonjour! I have been extremely busy with uni assignments this week so haven’t had time to write any posts. Have no fear though, fingers crossed assignments will be completed by tomorrow, so if you’ve been hanging out for a post: a) good on you, and thank you! 17 more words


Felt a bit french in this new striped t-shirt from GANT Rugger.

And just now Yves Montand´s “Sous Le Ciel De Paris” started playing on my Spotify shuffle-playlist.. 22 more words

What I´m Wearing Today

Boulangerie, Pâtisserie & Viennoiserie

Bonjour!! It’s been a number of months since I’ve written on here. I must admit that I got really caught up with living here, my studies, new experiences and even culture shock at times. 755 more words

Paris au printemps

When you think of Paris, in springtime, what comes to mind? Is there accordion music accompanying your reverie?  or or


Maybe it’s more like this? 1,101 more words



Welcooooooooome. Holà. Hallo. OYE OYE OYE.

Qu’est ce donc ? Un nouveau blog ? Et oui… Que dis-je… Un blog de plus parmi la blogosphère déjà bien encombrée. 284 more words


Bonjour! Voulez-Vous Un Petit Dejeuner?

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I love this coffee cup! (tasse a cafe). I’m not sure where I would find a cup like this but it would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift….for me anyway! 17 more words