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Basics to meet up in French

Les basiques pour une rencontre

  • Bonsoir = Good evening
  • Bonjour = Hello, good morning, good afternoon
  • Salut = Hi! (informal)
  • Coucou  = Hey! (informal)

Say 'Bonjour' to Team Haiti!

Who’s that good looking group of people?” you ask?

Say hello to William Jessup’s 2015 Haiti Team!

On Tuesday night, we nestled into our advisors’ apartment and met for our very first team meeting.   83 more words


Discovering services and resolving addresses

A network is just a sophisticated way of connecting clients to servers and services. To make this work, clients and servers need addresses, and some services need to be discovered. 1,111 more words


Till morning Jan 15: observations

The week has been repetitive due to orientation so I’m just going to write down some observations
1. I have noticed that french outlets are not as powerful as american outlets, example: I fried my alarm clock. 428 more words


…coperte ancora calde…uscirne fuori è stata un impresa.
Profumo del caffè è richiamo ipnotico per dare il “La” ed accordare le mie giornate.
-2^C fuori con tutto il mio impegno resisterò anche oggi.

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