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Four Hour Freak-Out

I like to think that I can handle stress. I also like to think that I can handle stress well. While I suppose in certain situations I can, this past weekend proved that is not the case in all circumstances. 517 more words



Ouch. I am leveled. I am beat. I don’t know how a four miler I run 4 to 5 times weekly could hit me like the pavement cutting my face. 452 more words


Tips & Tricks: It's Not Bonking, It's Dehydration

**Kinda scientific article, not meant to be medical advice, nor has it been reviewed by a doctor or other medical professional.  It is however, based on research of published articles in medical journals and other sports related articles linked below so you can look for yourself.** 990 more words

Tips & Tricks

Another Flower Gallery

Ran for three and a half hours on 50/50 trail and pavement. Recent rains have got the wildflowers all up in a tizzy! I’m trying to document as many different types of flowers as possible. 22 more words



Text conversation
Me: Fancy an early night and a bonk?
Hubby: Early night-yes, bonk-too knackered.
Outcome: Wondering if I’m ever going to get laid again.

Race Report: Big Bear 2x12 Part II

This is part II of the race we did last week, if you are late to the party checkout Part I here

it is funny how difficult it can sometimes be to rest when you are exhausted not sure what chemical malfunction of the body is responsible for that but I think Lactic acid, Adrenaline and Caffeine in unfriendly proportions might have something to do with it.   889 more words

Heartbreak and Humble Pie

Let me start off by saying that I had a horrible cold for much of last week. It prevented me from running, it killed my appetite, and it made my whole body ache. 1,504 more words