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The bonobos don’t know my name.
The bonobos don’t know I came
To see them in their habitat
Today. I’d like it left like that. 53 more words


Monkey Business: Innate Differences

“Chimpanzees brought up in a home do not speak, think, or act like people, and that is because of the information in the ten megabytes of DNA that differ between us. 57 more words


Bonobos Spring '15 Presentation

The tall, dark and handsome section

Wrist wear action

Floral Shorts

Stripes & Denim

Spring layering

The line up

Slick suiting


White Jeans

Vans, Monkstraps and Nikes… 212 more words


Bonobos: Fall 2014 Collection

With the fall season just around the corner, now’s the time to update your suit collection. It’s time to put away the khaki & linen suits so you can add Italian wool to your wardrobe. 412 more words


Misconceptions About Bisexuals

What do bottlenose dolphins and bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees) have in common?

One could potentially note both species’ exceptional intelligence, communication skills, memorization abilities, and self-awareness. Perhaps one would draw attention to the fact that both species have had a significant influence on modern culture, both having been the focus of many popular television shows, movie franchises, and novels. 1,188 more words

Forget the Uber Clones: Soon Enough, There Will Be a Bonobos-of-Everything

Every time we turn our heads, there’s a new Uber or Airbnb clone. There’s the Uber for helicopters, chefs and planes, as well as Airbnb-style apps for dogs, boats, cars, clothes and private jets. 406 more words