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Getting ready for the USNBE

In 2012, my Chishio Japanese Maple was accepted into the 3rd US National Bonsai Exhibition in Rochester, NY. Truth be told, it was a bit premature to show on a national level; although looking back on it now with that perspective may indicate some personal growth, so it’s not altogether bad. 363 more words

Bonsai Care

Corkbark black pine air layer fail

This corkbark black pine is a cultivar called Hachi Gen. It develops the tortoise shell bark, not the wings and fissures more commonly seen. Brent Walston propagated this tree as a cutting, so it’s on its own roots and after a few years of considering it, I finally decided to try layering it in March, ’13. 214 more words

Bonsai Care

Bonsai definition

Do you know what Bonsai is?

It is a potted tree that now popular worldwide.

Although it originated in China, Bonsai is a Japanese word. 77 more words


Practical Guide to Caring for Bonsai Trees

When people think of a bonsai they imagine lots of work and maintenance, this can be quite wrong. Since bonsai is planted in small pots, it’s just practical to follow some guidelines on how to fertilize, repot and water your small trees. 459 more words

Bonsai Care