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The Art of Bonsai

When it comes to growing things, I’ve never had much of a green thumb.

I admire friends who can keep a plant a live, even more those who can coax it to flourish. 752 more words

Creative Life

Repotting of a Collected Melaleuca rhaphiophylla

Repotting of a Collected Melaleuca rhaphiophylla.

This is the tree in same container as first pot up after collection some 12 months ago.The tree was repotted once into some bonsai medium. 178 more words


A rainy view in to the garden

Today a rainy view in to the garden, with fresh spring growth. Rain clears everything and make it look fresh and inviting. Not that I do not like sunshine, I most certainly do, but there is something quiet and a very special atmosphere in a garden after a silent shower. 36 more words


Impromptu Bonsai

Day 19 (S) Shakan
A to Z Blogging Challenge

Happy World Day! I enjoyed a nice vegetarian dinner of tomato rice and conserved energy (took a nap). 414 more words


How to #MyBeautifulEarth From Your Cubicle

It’s Earth Day. You know this because, despite waking up this morning and sensing an extra portion of dirt and grit floating through the earthy air of your apartment bedroom, the affable and spherical Google Puffer Fish told you so. 72 more words

Cube Panache

Zelkova Group Planting

I was offered a few field grown Zelkova recently. I had passed comment to the owner that a few of the tougher trees could be used to create a group. 124 more words



Early 2013, about the same time I picked up the Blue Star Juniper I also picked up this Japanese maple. I was so excited I brought it home, repotted, and wired it up all in one night. 519 more words