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Behind the scenes of "The Carpenter"

Last week my short story, The Carpenter, was published on Smashwords and has since been downloaded almost 200 times. 

The Carpenter was a story I wrote as a Christmas present for my mother, and was inspired by our family camping trip in summer 2013. 264 more words

Writing Projects

A Python-Based Open Source System for Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) Utilizing Raster Attribute Tables - Bonus Features

This is the first post, of what I hope will be a regular feature, with some ‘Bonus Features’ of recently published papers I have been involved with. 1,042 more words



We had a lot of fun in the editing process of the podcast, including making fun of our mess-ups or funny bits that we decided to take out and put in a blooper reel. 81 more words


The Cine-Files: 5 Things We Want From Godzilla 2

Like all good summer blockbusters, Legendary Pictures “epic” reboot to the Godzilla franchise has split opinions. Godzilla fans enjoyed its dark and gritty tone as well as its obvious ties to Ishiro Honda’s 1954 b-movie masterpiece while others felt it was a bit of a bore with dowdy human characters. 1,214 more words

The Cine-Files