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BREAKING: Kim Kardashian Full Frontal, It's More Than Just The Butt

TMZ just released the full frontal pictures of Kim.

Apparently it is more than just the butt.

See the photos HERE!!!



 This is lifted from MBG, Mind Body and Green. I hope there ‘ll be many women readers that will like this.

As women, how often do we really see each other… 1,116 more words


MENSTRUATION! | Periods, Pads, and everything in-between

Oh yes we are getting real here, I am tackling the issue of periods, or rather the issues surrounding the topic of periods. The number of times I see gifs and comics and memes saying shit like, ‘is your girl pms-ing?’ ‘Periods involve blood pouring out of you whilst crying hysterically!’ ‘You cannot survive this without Ben and Jerrys’ and my personal favourite, ‘your period will creep up on you and just attack!!!!!’ or that general gist. 554 more words


Night Weaning

Since there’s been some interest on night weaning after I wrote my post about fully weaning my second child, I will share how we successfully night weaned our two older children. 762 more words


“Any Boob can tell a Fool what he wants to hear”

Barry Aulis