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Boobs Are Beautiful

I’ve found that using perverted hooks in the title of a blog post brings a ton of views, so Boobs are beautiful is title for today. 302 more words


Pulling My Hair Out

I’ve been having a couple of “those days”. I’m slowly losing my mind.

The boys have decided that they will take turns being jerks today. 356 more words


What Does America Prefer...Butts or Boobs? The Results Will SURPRISE You!

Pornhub.com just analyzed its searches to find out whether each state prefers BOOBS or BUTTS . . . and the answer was BUTTS by a landslide. 142 more words


Watch The Boob Twerker Do It To Jingle Bells

The newest trend in the twerking world, is boob twerking.

Sara X was one of the first people to bring this talent to light.

If you want to watch the video, we have it for you HERE!!!


How does that last picture make you feel?

Nicki Minaj BOOB - NIP Show! | Sexy BRALESS Instagram Pic!

Nicki Minaj uploaded a SEXY photo on Instagram with much CLEAVAGE! The excitement of the Saturday Night Live appearance with James France has got the Anaconda singer super excited and which led her to post a BOOB and NIP SLIP. 7 more words