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In Defense Of Pumpkin Season

As the Fall season is upon us once again, I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Pumpkin and get his take on the new brewing trend of hating on his kind. 675 more words


Save the D8! HashMat #8

The D8s for the New Haven Hash House Harriers 8th HashMat have been set!  February 27th, 28th and March 1st, 2015, should be on your calendar for our celebration of the chaos our Kennel created 8 years ago at IKEA.   158 more words


Barbie and the Chairman

My favorite picture of Barbie is of her sitting on a stool at her lecturn, all the while wearing a shit-eating grin on her face, as if she knows her full physique is getting to me. 270 more words


Barbie's Fanny

As I’ve mentioned before, as admirable as Barbie’s big tits were, she also had a formidable fanny. She probably could have used either appendage to get any man she wanted. 178 more words


Barbie Loves Cock

As much as Barbie loves passive-aggressively showing off her ample bod, I suspect she loved sucking cock even more. Not the act itself, particularly, but the idea tha it empowered her over her sexual partners.  241 more words


More Than a Pop on the Nose

  • Although neither of us was ever explicit about it, I like to think that Barbie truly knew how much I lusted after her body. Occasionally, I’d be sitting out in the hallway waiting for next class to start, and Barbie would be heading back to her room at the end of her planning period.

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My Lust for Barbie Is True

Given the chance, I just know I could have satisfied Barbie far more than her husband ever did. I would have savored the opportunity to slowly take off her clothes and fondle and lick every inch of that big, beautiful body. 94 more words