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Joy’s Rant List, Volume 51: I Just Had to Get This off My Chest

Date of writing: September 23, 2014…
I can’t sleep. I’m so excited!! I am two days away from undergoing breast reduction surgery, and I just can’t wait. 2,566 more words

History...Ethan’s NICU Stay

Taken from Blog Post July 25, 2012

May 11
Mommy gets discharged and baby needs to stay in hospital for 5 more days…this was definitely not the way I thought our first week would go… 1,675 more words

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Normally, I think these types of events are kind of silly in a way perfectly summed up by a couple of pieces in… 919 more words

Breast Cancer

Birthday Surprise

Saturday morning, Jeff is waking up from his heavy night out, moaning and groaning as he stretches and opens his eyes, feeling across the bed but only hits an empty unslept side of the bed. 1,869 more words


7 Scientific Facts About…Well…Your Boobs!

Salon.com put together this very funny, but apparently TRUE list about your BOOBS!  Do you agree??

1.  The amount of money you have dictates the kind of boobs you like.  148 more words


Battle For The BOOBS: Dog vs Chick For Her BIKINI Top [Video]


So here we have a cute chick, getting ready to soak up some sun, on the beach.

She gets her towel laid down, but a playful DOG has other plans for the afternoon!!!  183 more words