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Boobs: Social Stigma and Double Standards

Boobs. Most of you have seen them already, unless you’re a, y’know, cis dude who’s decided on life-long celibacy and never gone outside (or on the internet.) Even then, there’s a good chance you saw your mum’s boobs if you or your siblings were breastfed. 333 more words


I am Sorry You Hate my Body

This past weekend I was the victim of something I never thought could happen to me. I was slut shamed. 

In light of my quarter life crisis, I’ve been indulging in my cravings for alcohol and erotic dancing. 500 more words

Tiny Back, Big Rack: How To Discover Wedding Ceremony Undergarments When You Are Modest With Huge Boobs

Duh alert: This submit is total of bra & panty pics, so it’;s most likely NSFW.

Let’;s speak about boobs! I am a 32DD, which means I am a petite chick with a mighty huge rack. 26 more words

Wedding Dress Models

15 Weeks

This past week/weekend has been crazy busy for me and I hadn’t had time to write or even post my progression pictures!!

My boobs are now sore again and I think are still growing.   264 more words


The Effect of your love to my Body

I wrote this poem because I dreamt about an artist boyfriend, who would paint me roses and portraits of myself. It was too good a dream not write a poem about it to remember. 149 more words


I'm here. And I'm hip for being square.┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛

I’m the new guy in town. And I’m an amnesiac. I don’t know anything past my name. But I plan to take you all on a trip through hell and back. 39 more words

What People Love the Most About Me

So after reading the title of this post you probably think I sound very narcissistic but I assure you that this is the next blog post topic in my Thirty Things series…and actually one I have been putting off for awhile because I was not sure how to begin writing it. 355 more words

Thirty Things