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Livros a Nu | Naked Book’s 8

Ralph Gibson, Nude Hardcover

by Eric Fischl (Author) , Ralph Gibson (Photographer)

The infinite subtlety of the female formA photographer once said that beauty in women is endless. 87 more words


The School for Drama and Trauma: The School for Good and Evil

This book pushes to the edge of an emotional cliff, and just as you fall off the author grabs you, pulls you back, and BAM just like that it’s over. 266 more words


Overwhelming Support

Due to the overwhelming support everyone has given me, I will be extending the free offer on Moorestorms A Guide For The Bipolar Parent to run through Saturday! 30 more words


Book No 21 : Girl in a Blue Dress

Since starting this blog I have not gushed with wild enthusiasm about any book, but I absolutely loved this one! Couldn’t put it down, read the whole 438 pages in less than 2 days. 312 more words


Work as a cure

I was feeling a bit down,because of a sad ending to a book.Really ,its surprising how non-existent ,fictional characters gain your sympathy.That’s some good writing! 67 more words


Book Reviews

Many of you might not realize, but for any Author book reviews are extremely helpful. They are used by potential customers to decide if they want to purchase the book or not and they are also used by Amazon to rank how well your book is doing. 37 more words


Another Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone again for all your support, comfort and encouragement. So for today only I am offering “Moorestorms A Guide For The Bipolar Parent” FREE. 21 more words