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Netflix announces air date for Hemlock Grove Season 2

After much anticipation Netflix have finally given us a date to put on our calendars and in our diaries. Hemlock Grove season 2 will be with us on July 11th, giving us all something to get us through the exam season, or just enough time to watch the first season (again). 64 more words

"Gone Girl" Teaser Trailer: David Fincher Returns With Ben Affleck

It’s a good day when there’s a new trailer for a David Fincher movie. The Zodiac and Fight Club director is known for having a heavy hand in the trailers for his films, and news just broke last night that he turned down directing Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs script because Sony wouldn’t let him control the marketing. 618 more words



Earlier this year I read the novel Divergent by Veronica Roth and totally enjoyed it! It brought me back to my Hunger Games days and my reading got so bad that I had to tie the book up in a drawer so I could focus on my work.   467 more words


The Official Gone Girl Trailer is Released

The Gone Girl has been on the internet for 11 hours now and I think I’ve watched it at least four times. The movie is of course, based on Gillian Flynn’s New York Times #1 Bestseller… 68 more words


Movie Review: The Help

When a recently hired columnist begins to speak out against the cultural and economic injustices endured by her city’s maids of African descent (“the help”), she establishes herself not as a white messiah but as an amplifier for the opinions and ideas these disenfranchised yet intelligent women hold. 1,999 more words


Divergent - The Movie

So for those of you who have no idea what this movie is about, here’s a quick synopsis.

Beatrice “Tris” Prior lives in a world where your life is dictated by the personality traits you value, fearlessness, selflessness, honesty, intelligence and peace – each of which makes up a Faction. 824 more words

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