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Don't Judge a Book By Its Movie

Now that we’ve said Good Riddance, let’s get down to some book talking business.

We all know the old adage don’t just a book by its cover… 1,136 more words

Great Books

Good Riddance

For an optimal and seriously ridiculous reading experience, click play as you read this post.

It’s not you, it’s me. I need some space. I’m just going through a lot right now. 992 more words

Great Books

Why Nerdy Wives Make the Best Wives

Marriage to Ryan has made me a nerd, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It came on gradually, a “unintentional” flip of the channel brought Episode IV of Star Wars, and I was hooked. 591 more words

Life Observations

I've done it again

I could cry. I finished another book series. I loved it. I miss the characters already and my tablet is still hot. Five books of pure bliss. 302 more words

How addicted are you when...

You’re afraid of reading the 8th book of a series because people have written bad reviews on it?

I’m so afraid of being disappointed and heartbroken that I don’t wanna read it. 166 more words

Book Addiction. Are you a Pro or an Amateur?

I have a problem. Book buying has become an addiction. Another shelf has been added to the already limited wall space in our open-concept home. The new shelf puts it up to five bookshelves in our house. 765 more words

The Writing Process