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So many books, so little time.

It seems I will never learn how many books I can realistically read in three weeks. 44 more words


My Physical Book Addiction— A Rambling Confession of Guilt (Not!)

I like to tell stories about how I read voraciously as a child. Even when I put down my current book to eat breakfast or lunch, I would find myself searching out the words on the cereal box or the mayonnaise jar. 752 more words

My Growing Reading List

Two posts in one day? What the -!

Seriously, you guys are killing me. I got my notice today that one of the books I pre-ordered was ready in my Kindle app library, there was an Alice Hoffman book for sale on Bookbub, and I still have tons of my friends’ stories sitting and waiting for me to read them. 73 more words


Better World Books!

One of my favorite ways to buy books is second hand. Not because it’s cheaper (okay, big part of it is because I’m on a limited budget) but because the site I buy them from actually helps other people and programs.   90 more words

Book junkie

I’m moving In a few weeks, and I’ve been busy packing up my life. Altogether too many crafts, every type of drinking glass, too many kitchen implements, and fourteen! 271 more words


Last Book Syndrome

Ever read a book so good the story stays with you even after reading five more? It sucks, doesn’t it?

Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know. 314 more words