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It was a good hunt

Went to my favorite place today and hunted down some books. Most of them are new authors to me but look intriguing.  I have a vacation coming up (Yes, even those of us who are on disability take vacations), so it was necessary I find enough reading material to cover up to then and the duration.


EverydaySparks Book Club

A while back, I thought it would be a good idea to write book reviews here as a way to encourage me to get back into the habit of reading. 447 more words


My 100 Book Challenge

I’m a book whore. It’s ok I can admit it. I flit from book to book, genre to genre heck even author to author on a daily basis. 822 more words

Proud To Be A Book Addict :)

Am a book addict and you know what? Am proud to be one.

Wanna know why am so much addicted to books? Well! Check out my reasons then ;) 171 more words

Book Lovers

Binge Reading

Binge reading and I go way back. We’re like old friends that get together once and awhile, and have a total free for all. Crap gets crazy, emotions are on edge, and coffee has never tasted so good than during a binge read. 714 more words

Great Books