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Book Banning: Why It Happens, and Why It Shouldn't

Book banning happens A LOT, and it happens for all the wrong reasons. In my latest article over at Punchnel’s, find out which books are “filthy,” which books are “dangerous,” and which books are “communist” — and why we should read them anyway. 50 more words

Somebody Ban My Books...Please!

It use to be if an author wanted his or her book to make it onto a best seller list they had to have Oprah recommend it on her book club. 195 more words


Book Censorship, in 2014?!

My mom bought me Hooked-on-Phonics when I was a kid. Not because I was bad at reading and writing, but because I loved books! She saw that and was awesome enough to take initiative and start teaching me my ABCs early (Thanks, Mom!). 518 more words


Censorship close to home: Cameron Post and Cape Henlopen School District

Recently I had the odd experience of learning about something occurring in my own neighborhood from the online young adult world and then watching it play out online and in the local paper. 1,112 more words


Education and The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Every so often there is a book or two that can cause quite a bit of controversy, for some reason or another, within school districts across the country. 1,339 more words


Justice Katju demands permanent visa for author Taslima Nasrin - PTI

“In my opinion she should be given a permanent visa to reside in India. … Several bigots and fanatics have hounded her ever since she wrote her book… 275 more words


Harry Potter and the chamber of religious fundamentalists who want to shove him back into the cupboard under the stairs

For an orphaned boy who was raised in a home of neglect and fought death threats each year, Harry Potter has done well for himself. … 1,009 more words