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Sex, drugs, and more crude content can be the hot topics of books that end up causing the book to be banned and kept from the wondering eyes of readers due to its questionable content.  478 more words

John Green's Response to The Fault in Our Stars Being Banned Is Just Perfect

Add The Fault in Our Stars to the list of amazing books that have been banned from schools.

John Green’s young-adult novel about a pair of star-crossed teenagers who are both dying from cancer is an international best-seller and spawned a summer hit movie, starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as the doomed Hazel and Augustus. 204 more words

Public school 'purges' Christian authors from library

From WND
By Bob Unruh  |    27 September 2014

‘Book banning is just one step away from book burning’

A charter school in Southern California is facing the threat of a lawsuit for “purging” Christian books from its library. 515 more words


Why Obscenities Are Important

So, Russia’s doing a lot of bad things. They’re making a lot of enemies, and probably for good reason. I’m not going to talk about some of the stuff they’re doing; I leave that to more hard-hitting and politically polarizing journalism. 620 more words

10 Favorite Banned Children's Books

This week is banned books week- September 21st through the 27th. It is definitely not a week to celebrate. But it’s a week to acknowledge the disservice that is still done in 2014, in this country. 669 more words

Children's Books

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Thoughts on Banning Books

I’ve tweeted a fair amount this week about Banned Book Week. Every year it bothers me. What are people thinking? I was naïve about the practice of banning books until my daughter’s school (which she didn’t attend for very long) banned the Harry Potter series. 376 more words


The "Conspiracy of Silence": Talking (or Not Talking) About Sex (Sarah Falcetti)

In his book Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism, Michael Cart writes very eloquently,

“Not to include sex in books for contemporary young adults- 48 percent of whom have had sexual intercourse [

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