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Harry Potter and the chamber of religious fundamentalists who want to shove him back into the cupboard under the stairs

For an orphaned boy who was raised in a home of neglect and fought death threats each year, Harry Potter has done well for himself. … 1,009 more words


Destruction of Physical Objects as a Means of Protest

I just read a fascinating news story about a minor league baseball team from South Carolina that recently hosted an on-field explosion of music merchandise as a means of protesting musical artists Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. 943 more words

Book Banning

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf: The struggle is real (literally)

I couldn’t tell you precisely when, where, why, or how (this is already starting off as an information-packed blog post), but when I began reading Anne Frank’s… 1,098 more words


And Tango makes a banned book

Dear “concerned parents” who challenge this book

I too, am a parent.  I too have had my children bring over books that I am not comfortable with them reading at their current ages.  1,122 more words

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I'm crossposting this from my expat blog because the subject of book banning is worth addressing more than once.

The “let’s protect our children by ignoring the world’s dehumanizing tragedies” book ban

We’ve all heard of them: The parents who sit in on the first few days of kindergarten, the parents who sleep over at the college dorms, and the parents who think that the only way to spare their children from different cultures and the world’s problems is to censor everything meaningful that schools introduce. 910 more words


Are Your Books on Fire?

In the Internet Age,  widespread book banning seems an archaic relic of Theocrasies, or the maniacal prerogative of remote entities like the Taliban and North Korea. 757 more words

"Oral sex" and other words your mother never taught you

When I was in seventh grade, Christina Aguilera released what all reasonable ‘90s and early ‘00s pop music aficionados deem as her best album, Stripped… 762 more words