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Kernels of Nonsense, #5: Review Blurbs on Books

Kernels of Nonsense is a weekly feature where I discuss various book-related topics. This week I will be ranting about my dislike for those little book blurbs you find on many book covers. 609 more words

Kernels Of Nonsense

10 Things You Need to Know to Write a Great Book Blurb

The purpose of a blurb is to attract the interest of perspective readers. It must be short, succinct and enticing. Before you write your blog, determine the market for your novel then check out book blurbs in your genre on bookstore shelves and on Amazon. 195 more words

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Blurb Doctor: Gem-Oh Line

This is the second house call by the Blurb Doctor for one of Natalie McKay‘s stories. This time it’s Gem-Oh Line, here’s the current blurb: 825 more words


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Need Help Writing a Book's Jacket Blurb?

I found this great article on IWN by CN James talking about just that. 

A good description is going to engage the reader to a point where they will ask these sorts of questions, and with any luck, they are going to want to know the answers. – CJ James



How to Speak Blurb: a translation guide

You pick up a bunch of books at random. The blurbs claim that they are ‘A hilariously trenchant romp’, ‘Breathtakingly original, written in rhapsodic prose’, and ‘Lyrical, charming and heartbreaking’. 170 more words