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Burning Books

What are the elements of book burning? I propose the following: (1) the burner, (2) the tools/materials, (3) the skill, (4) the will, and (5) the actual burning. 170 more words


Harry Potter and the chamber of religious fundamentalists who want to shove him back into the cupboard under the stairs

For an orphaned boy who was raised in a home of neglect and fought death threats each year, Harry Potter has done well for himself. … 1,009 more words


If Hitler Tried It, It Might Be A Bad Idea (Part 1 of 2)

I was recently reminded of a little piece of Christian culture from the 80s: throwing non-Christian tapes and CDs into a fire.  I can’t remember if I was ever part of a youth group that did a music-burning… 184 more words

Personal Growth

The week of a thousand weirdness

I just taught everyone in the office to say “Heteronormative” and I am feeling proud of myself because of that.

Well if you have read the post that you can’t read yet, because it got stuck in my draft folder on this blog, then you would have known that I am on a “temp” loan to a sister company that is run by an old colleague – who on the first day proudly outed me in front of 17-20 people in the Amsterdam office. 516 more words