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By Samantha Lyon:  Literature Editor


There are many people on this planet who openly flinch or appear to be in near physical agony whenever a book is damaged or bent the wrong way. 1,128 more words


Book Burning - Dublin Theatre Festival Review

Book Burning | Project Arts Centre (Space Upstairs) | Oct 8 – 11

At the centre of the stage stands a trunk. It is a large imposing object in the middle of an otherwise empty stage. 328 more words


You can...

Burn our books,

Limit our freedoms

Deny our inalienable rights

You will never possess

The wisdom of our minds

Nor the freedom of our spirit’s… 29 more words



I woke up this morning to my brother burning books. Books for college. Textbooks. When I realized what he was up to, all I said was, “Shit, I’ve got some more like this, let me get ‘em.” 333 more words


IALL Program Recap: The Destruction of Literature and Librarians in Argentina during the Dictatorship

By Jim Hart

This session discussed the organized program by the military junta in Argentina to burn “subversive literature.” The first speaker, Federico Zeballos, had copies of government resolutions ordering the destruction of various titles. 169 more words


Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

My rating:

My read for Banned Books Week was certainly apropos. Fahrenheit 451 shows you the results of a book banning society. A scary, ignorant and shallow world where brutality and casual violence are everyday events done in the name of entertainment; a regressive and disabling move in social evolution, handicapping progression by limiting knowledge and encouraging selfishness. 2,304 more words


Why Obscenities Are Important

So, Russia’s doing a lot of bad things. They’re making a lot of enemies, and probably for good reason. I’m not going to talk about some of the stuff they’re doing; I leave that to more hard-hitting and politically polarizing journalism. 620 more words