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The week of a thousand weirdness

I just taught everyone in the office to say “Heteronormative” and I am feeling proud of myself because of that.

Well if you have read the post that you can’t read yet, because it got stuck in my draft folder on this blog, then you would have known that I am on a “temp” loan to a sister company that is run by an old colleague – who on the first day proudly outed me in front of 17-20 people in the Amsterdam office. 516 more words


“International Burn a Koran Day.”

On September 11, Christian fundamentalists will be encouraged to do what they do best—burn books.

Afterthoughts on the NLB fiasco

In a nation whose official stance on the LGBT community is ,in practice, an arguably gray area, it is rather intriguing to witness the sheer scale of the intellectual tumult which has taken society by storm.   609 more words


Pyre of Pages

I fell in love with you
from a time forgotten.
Once a week, we would meet,
I, ever voracious.

You had illuminated my world
with possibilities, secret worlds. 144 more words


Flushed Down the Series of Tubes

This excellent article on The Atlantic sums up something I think about often. While I was never a heavy user of the Prodigy system, I had used it before, and I remember it fondly.  324 more words

The boy who was wild for books – Bradbury’s update to Fahrenheit 451

Nobody inspires my passion for libraries, books and writing quite like Ray Bradbury. I’ll often read a chapter from his Zen in The Art of Writing with my first cup of coffee. 966 more words


Tyranny of the Banal: Burning Books to Make the Walls Safe

Twenty-three centuries apart, Shih Huang Ti and Adolf Hitler both burned books. The emperor wanted to control the verdict of history while Hitler, rather more ambitious, imagined he could obliterate an entire race, a particularly scholarly one, so he started with their books. 836 more words