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Major Book Buying Mode

There was something about the month of July that set me on a book-buying binge.

Touche, @halfpricebooks. You send me a coupon for 40% off 1 item & I buy 5 books.

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Sometimes technology works with you...

…and sometimes it does not.

Shall we try this back cover copy business again? Here it is—

Abducted into interplanetary slavery.

Layla is pregnant, frightened, and very alone, imprisoned on a slave ship speeding away from Earth…alone, that is, until a mysterious young man named Angel drops into her prison cell from an air duct. 117 more words


The book stalker

I stalk books.

I usually spot my quarry in a library. I take it home – mine, all mine. The library wants it back; I reluctantly return it. 422 more words


Book Haul: Already read these, but I wanted them for my collection

Bambi - New – 14.99

Bambi’s ChildrenNew – 14.11

Guilty PleasuresNew – 17.95

From Barnes and Noble I got Bambi, Bambi’s Children, and Guilty Pleasures. 403 more words

Book Buying

Drowning in the Amazon

Just how big and mighty has Amazon become? Last week the marketplace behemoth announced a new “subscription service” for it’s popular Kindle reader called “Kindle Unlimited” where the customer can subscribe to an unlimited e-book service for $9.99 a month. 743 more words

Kernels of Nonsense, #1: Book Buying Addiction

Kernels of Nonsense is a new feature on my blog in which I convince you, the reader, that I, the blogger, am completely nonsensical by ranting about book-related topics. 455 more words


Found at the Book Store Next Door: The Sneakiest of Books

Today at the Book Store Next Door, staff writer Anna found a must-have for DIY-ers of all ages. Come to 183 Middlesex Avenue between 10:00 and 4:00 today to snag it for yourself! 136 more words

Bookstore Next Door