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My Thoughts When I (Finally) Bought Books Last Sunday

  • I can buy books. And they’re on sale too, ahahahaha, this is the life.
  • Wait, is the YA section on sale? I need to find a saleslady and ask a question, now.
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For The Fun Of It

An equivalent of an apple.

Hopefully it is no secret that we buy pre loved books, we have a regular ebb and flow of customers who bring us their papery possessions which hopefully find new happy hands and eyes. 120 more words

Thoughts On: Book Buying

“Thoughts On” is a monthly feature on thewasofshall where I give my (often rambling) thoughts on a topic relevant to reading, literature, or the book business. 575 more words


How Many Reviews Does A Book On Amazon Have?

When purchasing books online most people will look at the reviews. One or more good reviews may encourage the potential reader to part with their money. 317 more words

TagTuesdays - The Happy Bookaholic

1. What do you love about buying new books?

I just love the feel of a new book, and the feeling of owning a copy that is just mine. 689 more words

Cassandra Clare

I am a book addict. Can you help?

There seem to be support groups for all types of addictions. I have an addiction to potatoes chips, oatmeal and raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and of course books. 329 more words


Thursday Thoughts: Book Buying habits

I might have covered this topic before, but due to the fact that mine are about to change I thought I would discuss it again. ¬†I’m giving up buying new and used books from any author, even my favorites…and it hurts. 660 more words