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'Who is Tom Ditto?' by Danny Wallace

Released on the 24th of April 2014.

Danny Wallace loves a bit of hype – a few years ago he became head of state of his own micro-nation and spent 6 months saying ‘YES’ to everything. 411 more words

Blackheath Readers

Be Reflective About the Last Year

Last Saturday as I was folding laundry, yet again, I cried out in anguish as the waves continued to pound me down. I cried out to Jesus, “I need a friend and I need someone now! 680 more words


Syrian Stuffed Kibbeh

I have been meaning to make kibbeh since I returned from Lebanon.

In Lebanon, kibbeh, along with hummus, is on every menu. Both are national institutions.  951 more words

Patties And Fritters

Leah reblogged this on The Cookbook Guru and commented:

Glenda has made for us a classic Syrian dish which involved a great deal of work, but a delicious sounding treat at the end. Check out the process and some great cheats that you can employ to help make these beautiful Stuffed Kibbeh. Another wonderful and classic contribution to this month's Cookbook Guru. Leah

Super Smoky Babaghanouj

Just as Autumn begins to turn cold and hints at what’s to come, we light our first wood fire and the family menu begins to change. 416 more words


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If you loved my version of Baba Ghanouj with yoghourt then you must check out this gorgeous smokey version that Francesca has created as part of this month's Cookbook Guru. Leah

The Long and Short of It

I tend to be drawn to shorter poems. Maybe this is because the first poem I was ever complemented on was a haiku or that it is through haiku that I returned to poetry in 2006 or maybe I just love the visual of a poem taking up a single page. 200 more words

5 Works Of Literature For Kanye's Book Club

It’s not necessary for me to describe the polarizing nature of Yeezy’s character, for it’s been done to death. Given his celebrity status and our cultural habit of reducing (or elevating if you’re feeling nasty) sound bites torn from their context to snappy memes, it’s difficult to not at least be peripherally familiar with the man’s apparent delusions of grandeur. 936 more words

Book club chronicles - YOLO

Last month’s book club shindig was held in Melville (described as a “Bohemian” suburb in Johannesburg) at a new pizza spot everyone is raving about – YOLO. 444 more words