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Introducing Dutch Landscapes to Koreans

One of the cool things about the project in Shanghai was that I could catch up with some old clients again. Finally we were able to have coffee over this book that I made for… 69 more words

Cassidy's Dreams Cover Concept

Just finished a concept cover for Cassidy’s Dreams. I like that it’s simple and clean.


The Wolf of Wall Street Book Redesign

A concept mockup for the book (now movie) “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Gabriel García Márquez Ha Muerto

A great man died today. Gabriel García Márquez gave the world some amazing stories—stories filled with imagination and poignancy, that blurred the line between human reality and the fantastically impossible. 159 more words

Book Design

Ensure Quality in Your Ebooks

Keep these points in mind when you’re planning to indie publish a book:

–Anything except text adds a level of complexity that isn’t easily managed in ebooks. 129 more words


The Disappearing Spoon - Cover by Matt Rroeser

Because I’m a sucker for simple and striking covers…

This one by Matt Roeser is my favourite by him.


Jan, mijn vriend

This project was initiated by the youth theater “Bronks” in Brussels. The book is a personal interpretation of the theater text “Jan, mijn vriend” by Raven Ruëll, which is a story about an emotional struggle and tightrope dancing as a metaphor for life. 13 more words