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Leporello - the nightmare that enriched my vocabulary

Leporello. Leporello? I woke up in the dead of night, sweat trickling down my brow. The room was icy and the moon hang low and huge outside my window. 399 more words

The votes are in....

Thanks for your Vote!  It seems the Right Idea proved the most popular with more than 50% of the Vote, followed by the Middle idea with just over 30%…  while the Left trailed with just over 15%… 108 more words

Padang Ilalang

Cover design by me.
Order buku ini ke @katabergerak.


Strange Medieval Books

Written by hand, medieval manuscripts are very different from printed books, which started to appear after Gutenberg’s mid-fifteenth-century invention of moving type. One difference in particular is important for our understanding of manuscripts. 1,120 more words

Book As Object



I have a 5 hour bus ride tonight, so now I’m frantically trying to find a new book to load onto my kindle for entertainment. 214 more words


Behind the Covers: "No-No Boy"

John Okada‘s classic novel, No-No Boy, tells the story of Ichiro Yamada, a fictional version of a real-life “no-no boy.” During World War II, Yamada answered “no” twice in a compulsory government questionnaire as to whether he would serve in the armed forces and swear loyalty to the United States. 551 more words

Behind The Covers

10 Ways to Lose Weight

About the Book:

The book is a collected information about weight loss tips with playful illustrations.


Weight loss is not an easy task and the ways the tips are displayed are pretty dull; therefore, considering that my target audience are within (15-35), the illustrated characters look playful yet nit childish to grab the viewers attention. 33 more words

Graphic Design