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Bierman Raenor

Mitz approached the fire whistling happy tunes with a handful of cleaned pheasants. He wore his exhaustion on his shoulders, but was spirited making introductions with our new guests. 1,004 more words


Demonology for the post-Apocalyptic girl

The women of God’s Grove, Missouri have some strange beliefs. Some of them are convinced that demons visit women on earth and grant them wishes…for a price! 169 more words

Book Excerpt

Kasimir and his valet; an excerpt from A City of Stone

It’s been a while since I posted any book excerpts. Mostly, it’s because it is difficult to come up with anything that isn’t too spoilery. Here is a scene from the second book, … 1,385 more words



And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one tittle of the law to fail. Luke 16:17

Quiet Times


 Excerpt from Next of Sin – Psychological thriller on special this Easter on Amazon.





Norfolk Broads, 1987


“You didn’t tell anyone did you?” 3,898 more words

The Throne of the Cross

We received in our office the early shipment of Pope Francis’ newest book The Church of Mercy. We couldn’t help but share with you a passage that we thought was fitting for our commemoration of Jesus’ death on the cross today.  287 more words


Linna's shame, Hawk's confusion

Linna is self-conscious around Hawk because of the many bruises she’s received from her husband. Here’s a quick excerpt:

He traces lines and whorls among the freckles that dot her skin like cinnamon. 178 more words

Book Excerpt