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An hippie marriage

This is the illustration I drew for an article about an “hippie” or “roaring twenties” inspired ¬†marriage: it has been published on the Villa Valente website… 45 more words


What fireflies actually look like

Flies..on fire! harhar

Done in watercolours

- Kate S. 2014


Oliver, Oliver.....

I am a huge fan of the musical “Oliver!”. I kept hearing the words to the soundtrack as I painted this. My biggest challenge was emptying my mind of how the characters looked in the movie and using Dickens’ descriptions and my imagination to make them my own. ¬† 16 more words

"Charles Dickens"

Slowly but surely, plus a question.

Only a short time on my novel tonight as my schedule is pretty tight, but I do have a question for anybody reading this Рcan anyone recommend a good book cover designer/illustrator?   39 more words

First Novel

Rouse the Mouse

A couple of months ago, I completed one of the most challenging and rewarding projects ever. The task was to illustrate a children’s story written by my client’s dad, to celebrate his dad’s 80th birthday. 36 more words