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Authors, What Are You Selling?

The Question

Aren’t you selling more than just a book? much more?

If all you’re selling is a book, that’s a big problem for you: It’s easy to find books. 1,636 more words

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A massive wake up call... 493 million women worldwide cannot read this headline

A massive wake up call… 493 million women worldwide cannot read this headline

For someone whose chosen career is to help authors publish meaningful books and connect those books with the readers they will benefit, I am, perhaps surprisingly, a fairly light reader. 814 more words

Book Marketing

As previously stated, my 2014 giving goal is 1,000 copies of my first two books, Catholics Mean Business and Catholics Have Courage.  During Q1 I gave away 190.

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How To Market Your Book To The Locals - Four Secrets

Kristen Eckstein wrote this post on the Future of ink website and I think she made some very good points. I’ve done some of these very things, and I’m always coming across different local and state events (not necessarily just for books) that support local artists. 74 more words


Your Blog Traffic Includes Three Audiences

Target Audience

It’s important to identify your target audience and prepare content for that audience.

It’s also important to realize that your blog has three different audiences: 1,120 more words

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Interview: Shelley Hitz (win a free copy of her latest book)

In a day and age when 81% of Americans say they feel they have a book in them, but a meager amount actually pursue making that dream a reality, there’s Shelley Hitz, author of thirty-one books within the span of six years. 570 more words

Just Goodness

I Had to Share This Super-Fun Infographic for Book Marketers

All authors are super but let’s face it not everyone can get into marketing and promoting their book ‘cuz they think of it as a chore. 69 more words

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