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SUNDAY INSPIRATIONS: Understanding reality...

SUNDAY INSPIRATIONS: Understanding reality…

Sunday Inspirations. Send us your favorite quote, image, poem, idea … anything that has been helpful or inspirational to your writing process. 169 more words

Book Marketing

How to Market Fiction Books (Show, don't Tell)


I meet many amazing fiction writers here at WordPress. I’d like to see you sell more books.

Not by telling you what you should do. 1,123 more words

Book Marketing

Guest Post: Helen Treharne

Elbows deep in marketing? Good. You need to be.

“Writing a book is hard work, but it is not the hardest part.”

That is one of the most frequently repeated phrases I hear about the experiences of authors. 1,143 more words

Writing Notes And Articles

Helen Treharne reblogged this on Tea Talks: Home of Helen Treharne, Writer and Reviewer and commented:

Here's a wonderful way to round off this exciting day ( cover reveal and a free kindle promotion) - a guest spot with R A Black on book promotion. A huge thanks to Rose for the invitation. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. The key to selling books is writing more of them.

Time to Market

Are you writing a book?  Time to think about marketing!

Many writers are so absorbed in writing their book that they don’t think ahead to what will happen when it’s written and in print and/or online as an ebook. 269 more words

Book Marketing

6 Tips for Great Author Photos

Years ago, authors were mysterious creatures who were locked away in their offices, writing feverishly all day and night, while their agent and publishers did all the selling and marketing. 659 more words


How to Reach More Readers by Harnessing Retailers’ Algorithms

It is always easier to get the right result if you know how the system works. This post looks inside on-line retailers’ systems to show you how to… 19 more words

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