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God’s Covenant with Israel

This is the fourth study on God’s covenants in the Old Testament. For previous published posts on Old Testament covenants, click on the link below. The link will also list future posts on this topic. 1,767 more words


Excitement From Exodus

The excitement that comes from Exodus, is summed by ‘Our Liberating God’. The Book of Exodus, reveals to us the character of the God of The Bible. 326 more words


For Our Own Good

In the book of Exodus we see that Jehovah tells pharaoh to do something. He promises but as soon as the plague is lifted he reneges on his promise. 140 more words


Israel in the Wilderness of Sinai

Image: The Wilderness of Sinai

Read Part 1: Israel’s Journey to Mount Sinai

The Challenges of Sinai

After the Israelites left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea, they traveled through a huge and frightening wilderness. 979 more words


Israel’s Journey to Mount Sinai

Image: Sinai Wilderness

Today I begin a study of Israel’s journey to Mount Sinai, the place known as “the mountain of God” (Exodus 3:1). The sacred mountain is also known in the Old Testament as Mount Horeb. 917 more words


Not Too Small to be Noticed: What Jeremiah 34 Says About the Value of the Individual

The Story in Brief: Zedekiah’s manumission of the slaves in besieged Jerusalem (Jer 34:8-22):

Under pressure from besieging Babylonian (or, as my young daughter read it out last night, ‘Babylion’) forces around 588 BC, Zedekiah, last king of Judah, secured the agreement of community leaders to release “fellow Jews” who were enslaved: 34:8-10, 15, 18-19.  964 more words

Old Testament History

God is Personal

No one has ever doubted that the God of the Old Testament related to His people in personal terms.  He spoke to His people, heard their prayers, and acted on their behalf.  150 more words

Gospel Of John