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In Genesis 30:37ff, how did Jacob’s placement of rods of poplar, almond, and chestnut cause the sheep to give birth to speckled lambs? 265 more words


Blessed the Hard Way?

Have you ever tried to bless someone who was making things very difficult for you?

Just last Friday, my wife and I took our two little ones to Sea World. 1,204 more words

Book Of Genesis

"Is this the end of everything?" Noah - review.

Driven by a stout performance from Russell Crowe as the protector of creation, Noah’s effective mix of Old Testament brutality and stunning modern day visuals make Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic a slightly better-than-average affair. 493 more words

Bible Study Preview: Who Am I, Really?

On Tuesday, we’ll be discussing the concept of inherited traits. How certain characteristics get passed from generation to generation and how that can be good and/or bad. 110 more words

Bible Study

Holy Bible Study: The First Day

Welcome to my study of the Holy Bible. I am doing this on my blog so as to make sure I keep up with it every day. 1,192 more words


If God

Among religious people, there is a tendency to try to correct every “problem”.    They toss Bandaids on bullet wounds ; and slather pancake paste on  open sores. 174 more words

Christian Life

Noah: A Review

Darren Aronofsky is one of those directors whose work causes an even split right down the middle.  His movies usually leave the viewer with only two options: love it or hate it.   1,090 more words

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