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I was supposed to be learning how to use the erg safely.

We have an erg, you see. We got it last year because land workouts at the boathouse on top of three practices a week are a lot to ask of a new dad who needs a ride to and from. 1,187 more words

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What's next


We made it through a year or so of parenting and a year of mommyblogging. I’m fully — FULLY — aware that I’ve posted about practically nothing but my kid for the last 12ish months. 518 more words

Book Of Me

Just one word...

Think fast. Better still don’t think at all. Sidestep your own mental filters and cut to the chase. Don’t pause, don’t ponder and don’t criticise. If you could say everything you wanted with just one word… 9 more words

If I could...

If I could make one thing vanish forever, it would be….