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Feature: Life After The Blair Witch

Halloween may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t take the time to appreciate the movies that make the time of the year extra special. 737 more words


So, Paradise. If You've Been a Practitioner for So Many Years...Why So Few Spells?

That may be the longest blog post title in recorded history. What do I win?

Anyhoo. I suppose anyone moseying on by and glancing at this blog may be wondering, “This chick says she’s been practicing the craft for 30 years…so where are all the spells and rituals? 1,115 more words

Book Of Shadows

Just Another Day In (or With) Paradise

So folks, today I being the first of my 40-day Sky and Earth Greeting project, taken from this book.

I am nothing close to a magic/witchraft noob – I have been practicing on again, off again for 30 years – but because I’ve never been able to quite get a “handle” on where my magic goes (or if it goes), I thought I’d start from the ground up with the most basic stuff I could find, and this stuff looks pretty basic…and gets great reviews.

Wish me luck!


Book Of Shadows

Solitary Celebration For Samhain

I have created my Celebration from things I have learned over the years and the Prayers and Blessings were researched on-line. You can use these and print them off, or research online and come up with your own… 25 more words

Celebrating Samhain The Solitary Way

As a Solitary I feel free to Celebrate in my own way. I am including photos of some of my Altars for Samhain over the years. 69 more words

Lazy Saturday

Today I’ve been feeling really under the weather for various reasons. So I’ve predominantly been lazing around the house or in my bed. Which is such a shame as it’s such a wonderful day outside! 138 more words

Book Of Mirrors

Moving closer

Hopefully I’m able to get my Book of Shadows in a few weeks. Soon after more research I want to get things set up so I can get an alter started. 81 more words