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A TV show I used to watch about 3 sisters who live in San Fransisco and find out that they are very powerful witched and have powers which include freezing time, premonitions, telekinesis, exploding things etc. 316 more words

Witchy delights (Soul Cakes)

Merry Meet and welcome back fellow pagans. So as promised i am back with a much more interesting topic for you to indulge in. So Today i come to you with a Recipe from one of my favorite sites Pintrest. 225 more words

A Stone Tarot

Note:  This post is pretty much copied almost verbatim from Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic.  I liked it so much I decided I wanted to share it.  559 more words

Book Of Shadows

Book of MoonShadows - Life after Death

Page of the Book of Moon Shadows on

Life after Death

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The Crone

The New Moon has been one of the greatest teachers for me. The dark and waning moons are always associated with the Crone goddess, at least in my practice. 468 more words

Bean Sidhe

Book of MoonShadows page 1-2

Below is a scan of my Wiccan Book of Shadows, pages 1-2.

Please be aware, I do not debate politics or religion. I do not claim these text to be “official Wiccan text”. 44 more words


Working around the clock

Well, my birthday is coming in and since I got all my gift, or at least the important ones, I’m ready to go. I got my camera, so I’m ready for youtube and challenges involving pictures or images. 565 more words