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Reading The Shadow of the Torturer - Chapters V-VI

SYNOPSIS: At the Feast of Holy Katharine, Drotte and Roche are elevated to the rank of Journeymen, leaving Severian as the senior apprentice. He is later sent to deliver a message to Master Ultan of the guild of Curators. 1,393 more words

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Reading The Shadow of the Torturer - Chapter IV: Triskele

(I have been wondering whether or not to include spoilers from later parts of the series in these posts, and have met with something of a compromise: spoilers will appear in whited out form. 966 more words

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Reading The Shadow of The Torturer - Chapter III: The Autarch's Face

SYNOPSIS: The day after the events in the graveyard, Severian overhears one of the guild’s “clients” (i.e. prisoners) mention Vodalus. This reminds him of the coin Vodalus gave him, which on one side features a spaceship, and on the other an androgynous face (the image of the Autarch). 473 more words