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When Elephants Weep [Book Review]

Animal Culture is guilty of committing anthropomorphism, ascribing human emotions to animals, and you know what? We don’t care! Yes, we know that animals are a whole other species from humans. 604 more words


Babylon's Ark [Book Review]

Animal Culture is in Madrid, Spain with author, Kalie Lyn. We mark our second “Book Review Thursday” with a book about animals affected by war. 522 more words

Book Review

Forgive to Live

As Becky and I dove into unchartered territory with this blog (unchartered at least for us – it is very fun to find like-minded bloggers out there on the world-wide-interwebs!), we were very excited to have a place to flesh out ideas regarding our role as  769 more words

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Writing a Bare Bones Synopsis

Synopsis…that most evil of all words. Many writers shudder at the thought of writing one. How should it be structured? What detail do you put in or leave out? 2,235 more words