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Imago // Octavia E. Butler

I slipped into my first metamorphosis so quietly that no one noticed. Metamorphoses were not supposed to begin that way. Most people begin with small, obvious, physical changes–the loss of fingers and toes, for instance, or the building of new fingers and toes of a different design. 10 more words

Chapter Sixty-Five: All Through The Night

Her screams were muffled by the bits of cotton jammed into my ear canals. She bellowed out her displeasure at everything I tried to do to sooth her. 477 more words


Throwback to The World in Reverse

It’s almost time for me to start that year-long walk with Nicola Agosto.  As you all know, it literally takes a year to write his books.  98 more words

Book Three: Pamela Jumper Thurman of the National Center for Community Organizational Readiness and Council Oak Training and Evaluation, Inc.

A tradition of silence and taboos on the topics of sex and sexual health has led to an increased stigma when it comes to sexually transmitted illness and disease, STI’s and STD’s. 1,976 more words

Social Action

Catching Up With Korra

They always find a way to pull me back don’t they?

My twitter followers may remember a while back when I ranted and raved about the ending to the first season of Korra, where they stripped the villain of any back story or motivation they had thoroughly established for the sake of a less than satisfying plot twist and how the civil movement pushing for equality for non-benders in a world run by benders is immediately dropped upon finding out that the villain was a bender.  949 more words

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