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There was supposed to be a vlog here.

Since I am not at home, I was trying to do an update vlog to fill you guys in on what I’ve been doing. I even sat down with my best friend and author, Victoria Barrow, and spoke with her briefly about her upcoming sequel in the Redhaven Saga called “Blood Rite (final title TBD.)” Unfortunately, the computer I’m using is still operating on Windows Vista and this version of video editing software is REALLY outdated. 145 more words

Book Updates

Goin' Good (I Think)

I don ‘t know why this should be, but whenever you actually start writing a book, all hell breaks loose. In my case, it’s family members, friends, and neighbors suddenly falling ill, the phone ringing off the hook, assignments getting backed up into each other… 144 more words

Book Updates

First edit of the second book is done.  Soon, I will be moving onto the second edit.

Book Updates

Blog Update

So you may have noticed that there has not been much new material posted on this site.  When I started writing and blogging, I envisioned this site to be a resource for all things related to the Ten Commandments, aligning with my book… 151 more words

Book Updates

A Learning Curve- Post Release

After releasing my latest book, Curse of the Night (Margaret’s Curse), I had some time to analyze a few things about being an author. 280 more words


Novel to be titled The Fall Tree; Slated to have an October release via Amazon Kindle.

On Friday afternoon, I posted the following announcement on my Facebook page:

“And the official title of the novel is… THE FALL TREE.

Amazon kindle October 2014!” 271 more words

Book Updates

Away from home and reading: A short update and reviews of some of the Amaranthine Shorts

My mother had surgery this week, and so I am staying with her for a little while. I want to make sure that she’s okay, you know? 477 more words

Book Updates