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Revising, Yes or No?

Goodness! I hate these moments… lol! I was revising a whole scene and then I thought “No, I think I’ll keep it.” Now, I’m not sure if I want to. 181 more words

Book Updates

Chapter 7: A Light In The Dark is Available Now!

It’s Hideaway Sunday, and you know what that means! A new chapter of Marion’s Hideaway!

Marion and Tuck find them selves trekking through really dark catacombs armed only with a single torch, rhymes, and Marion’s sword, of which she has yet to use for stabbing. 68 more words


Rick Burmeister's Island

Richard “Rick” Burmeister has been an absolute star and game, “Your Face Here” competition winner, producing a photo of himself and responding to my queries in a prompt and friendly manner – … 169 more words

Book Updates

Chapter 6: A Stuffed Nightmare is Available Now!

I’m a little late on the update, but no matter! Here’s a new chapter of Marion’s Hideaway!

Marion has gotten herself into quite the predicament, and it’s up to Tuck to set things straight! 76 more words


Book Cover Design Contest

My recent venture has been choosing a book cover design for my book. I had two options. I could do it myself for free, but that would have been an epic failure because I am not that computer savvy nor do I have a design program.  296 more words

Book Updates

Chapter 5: Welcome To Uruthyn is Available Now!

Sunday’s here, and with it comes a new chapter of Marion’s Hideaway!

The beginning of Marion and Tuck’s quest may seem a bit daunting, but no worries! 54 more words


Get 'Bell Mountain' Free of Charge

If you have kindleUnlimited, you can now get my Bell Mountain without having to pay for it, via amazon.com.

Maybe it isn’t so obvious, but the purpose of this blog is to stir up interest in my books and try to get people to read them. 39 more words

Book Updates