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The new covers are here!

Our next two books have covers, created by the amazing Damon and his studio. Behold!

Book Updates

Stop the presses!

All of our print books are down for the time being while I learn to format a print-ready format properly. They’ll be back, but I’m not exactly sure when. 119 more words

Book Updates

So Remember That Book I've been Working On?

I am horrifyingly bad at updating folks on this book. That’s partly due to the writing process not being much of a process… it’s in my head mostly, then I write, then I think some more, then I write some more… you get the idea. 5,647 more words


Next Month, My Next Book--'The Glass Bridge'

Today we’ve put the finishing touches on the editing. Now all we need is to plug in the new map, add a few more details to the cover, print ‘er up–and… 224 more words

Book Updates

Edits to The Dead Beat

A while back, I got a bug up my butt to hire professional editors for all of our published books. It’s (sadly) cost us more than the books generally make, but I can sleep a lot better at night. 375 more words

Book Updates

EPUB Version of Journey Through the Video Game World Now Available at Chapters.ca

Good news, everyone in Canada!  If you tend to do all of your ebook shopping on Chapters.ca, you can now get the EPUB version of Journey Through the Video Game World from there.

Book Updates

Sexy novellas

I’ve always found Erika Moen and Jesse Fink incredibly inspirational. Not just as talented and successful artists, but both of them are incredibly sex-positive in their work. 105 more words

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