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Happiness is...

Happiness is…

A Book lover getting this beautiful bookmark! :)

And the coincidence is…on the Paperback Book Day :)

Joy Of Spreading Smiles

I Almost Forgot

In my last post I not so expertly described a day in the life of myself, but I failed to mention really any details about me. 562 more words

No, something better than magic....

Not a moth! But you’re used to that by now. This was just a sketch I made on a whim, lying in the hallway with some rather terrible lighting. 480 more words


We don't suffer from a shortage of metaphors, is what I mean. But you have to be careful which metaphor you choose, because it matters.

It’s no secret that I love John Green.  I know that it’s a little cliche now to say how much I love him with the success of  717 more words


More Summer Reading!

Yes, I’ve had lots of work to do. No, I haven’t done it because I’d rather stay up until three in the morning and read. Who cares though, at least I have more recommendations: 52 more words


Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.

Do me a favor.  I already made my roommates and all my close friends watch this trailer.  But not YOU.  So do me a favor and watch the If I Stay trailer.   591 more words


Come to Me

In John Piper’s book “What Jesus demands from the world?” I came upon demand number 3 ( out of 50 that consists in this book ) and it starts off by saying, 937 more words