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Shoutout Contest!!!

I did one of these before, and I decided to do a second one. Leave in the comments below your best piece of writing advice to enter in a shoutout contest. 76 more words

Ragged Edges

Its not that easy to put the past aside as though it didnt exist. Like it or not, it is a part of you, a part of who you are. 417 more words

Stress The Invisible Toxin

Highly sensitive children have highly sensitive senses that make them highly aware of their environments. But this gift can become a nightmare in today’s polluted world. 917 more words


Cover reveal: Snowy River Man - my debut romance

This week I finally finished writing a romantic suspense novel. It has been a long, hard journey and I’m relieved it’s done. I’ve never been great at rewriting, so this has been a real step up for me in terms of my writing skills. 99 more words

Romantic Suspense


“He never pried into her private life, nor she into his. The dark, and sometimes cold little room with the piano, had become a world set apart where their music was all they needed to know about each other. 76 more words


In the Realm of Hope/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

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While Dohman’s inhabitants are coming together, preparing for their future and sharing their gifts, those in the Realm are watching and waiting-and not all agendas are the same….. 864 more words