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To Sell or Not To Sell

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As my editing is progressing and I find myself struggling with choosing a release date for my new book, I am finding that I am nervous about what others will think of my work and if anyone will want to read it. 203 more words

Alone the Longest Night

Tonight is the longest night. As a way to mark this significant day, people will enter into houses of worship to light candles and pray. There will be silence and singing, speaking and listening. 219 more words

Mental Health

Two new chapters from God Story/Wigan (4+5)

Chapter Four – His World #2

Distant thunder rolls across the land. He enjoys the boom as he watches floods of rain soak his land. Over many, many years he has made this land green and pleasant and able to support the lives he chooses. 626 more words


Book Review: Free Will? An investigation into whether we have free will or whether I was always going to write this book.

Jonathan Pearce has written what is quite possibly the most detailed explanation of the problems with free will. He covers philosophical, scientific, and theological issues that conflict with humans being the author of our choices. 143 more words

Teen Fiction

Teen fiction are such sweet stories that they will make your heart melt. It’s a scientifically proven fact. These books are well written and they can be such fun to read. 100 more words


My Story; Introduction to Think Happy Thoughts Series

written in 2009 – please read if you are going through a hard time as a young adult or teenager. I wrote this to help all those like me. 5,685 more words