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The 1 Year Anniversary Of The Eater Of Worlds! Thank You!

Today is a monumental day. I said from the beginning that I would never give up on this book, that I would never abandon the plan, that I would keep on fighting just as I do in the book. 366 more words

Book Review: Jonathon Livingston Seagull

This thin book lasted roughly an hour from cover to cover. The words take up half of each page and other pages are packed with just as many photographs of… 464 more words

Character genesis: Domino

Where does a character come from?

For me, often the main character determines the story, and so comes before anything else. Beyond that, a character usually arises out of the role I need them to play in a story. 666 more words


A late thought

It’s been a long journey, but my debut novel is finally coming out in print form. I just wanted to say, to all aspiring artists, writers and non, never give up on your dreams. 95 more words

Reign Of Ash A Strong And Intriguing Story

Reign Of Ash is a strong story and a worthy sequel to Ice Forged. Gail Z Martin does a wonderful job of not just continuing the momentum of the series but also building upon it. 42 more words