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I have this thing.

I believe less stuff = greater happiness. Stuff weighs you down.

We live in a small house and enjoy the fact that it forces us to keep on top of stuff. 137 more words


Spreading the Cheer

Last week, I had an a-ha moment when I looked at the cluttered counters and decided the empty bookshelves above them could use some Christmas love. 263 more words


Rearranging Bookcases

It’s no secret that since we youngest three girls stopped playing dolls, etc. in the family room, it has turned into a bit of a storage room. 167 more words


House & Garden

Thanks to House & Garden – A nice little piece about a bookcase we specified for one of our projects.



#BookBlogWriMo Day 24 - Reading Cave Fantasies and Thanks

#BookBlogWriMo Day 24 – Reading Cave Fantasies

No explanation necessary… I drool over prospects like these. 114 more words

BookBlogWriMo Day 22


I’ve showed my shelves several times on this blog now, but lately I got a new bookcase which I organized today. I’m so happy with my second bookcase, where I’ve put my school books, non-fiction and some of my DVDs. 77 more words