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Altitude Affects Attitude

Take a drive through the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains, especially around Asheville, and you will see why the city has used the above saying as their tagline. 409 more words


Journal Entry 3: Fallen Fourth Down (Fallen Crest High #3) by Tijan

My mother tried to destroy me. She doesn’t exist to me anymore and my father, the one who raised me and the biological one, are both works in progress.
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5-star Book

Guest Experiences Focus on People

No matter how you look at Guest Experiences in a church setting, the people element is first and foremost.

A person or persons come to your place because they were invited, or just curious, or they are in a crisis in their own lives. 584 more words


Guest Experience Transformation Priorities

In the prior 8 posts of this series, I have been “translating” the work of Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine’s book “Outside In” from the business world of customer experience to the church world of Guest Experiences. 444 more words


The 4 Adoption Levels of Guest Experience Disciplines

To proceed up the levels of Guest Experience maturity without mishaps, you need to understand your starting point. Specifically, you need a realistic assessment of your current adoption level of reach of the Guest experience disciplines. 550 more words


The Path to Guest Experience Maturity

It’s not enough to be passionate about satisfying or delighting your customers. Your good intentions can just as easily send you down the wrong path as the right one.

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The Six Disciplines of Guest Experiences

Organizations that want to produce a high-quality Guest experience need to perform a set of sound, standard practices. Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine, in their book… 903 more words