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প্রিয় বই-র তালিকা এবং ফেসবুক

ফেসবুকে থাকা আমার বন্ধুরা মজার খেলা শুরু করেছে, আমি হইলাম সুবিধাভোগী। বন্ধুরা প্রিয় বই-র তালিকা শেয়ার করছে আর আমি প্লান করেছি সবার তালিকা আমার ব্লগে রেখে দিবো। তারপর লিস্ট ধরে ধরে যেই যেই বই পড়ি নাই সেইগুলি পড়তে শুরু করবো … মুহাহাহাহাহাহা 188 more words


Long weekends call for critical discussions of the albums of Kanye West

Preferably in essay form (so you can read in a lounge chair while sipping a cocktail) and by someone who generally agrees with you about all things West-related (because it’s the long weekend and you ain’t got no time for dissent). 323 more words


Publishing 101: The Publishing Process*

Publishing is fascinating. In this series, I’ll try to address some of the questions I often get asked about publishing.

*This infographic is based on my experiences at mostly academic presses. 42 more words


Book Pricing: The Economics of Diversifying Markets

Happy Labor Day! In honor of no work (nevermind the fact that I do something similar to the below assessment as part of my job) and no school (for the back-to-school crowd), I’m dusting off some econ today. 1,328 more words


Review: Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk

About Beautiful You

“A billion husbands are about to be replaced.”

From the author of Fight Club, the classic portrait of the damaged contemporary male psyche, now comes this novel about the apocalyptic marketing possibilities of female pleasure. 762 more words


It's Monday: I'm reading and writing

Today is a big day for me. Not only is it my dog Charlie’s birthday (and Labor Day), I am the featured blogger on The Nerdy Book Club. 428 more words


I Don't Know What I'm Thinking - September Reading List

I’m determined to finish the books from my August list this month! In order to keep with the theme of over-estimating myself, I’ll add 5 more for September. 115 more words