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What fools we are

If you read M. Stanton Evan’s historical investigation into Joe McCarthy, Blacklisted by History, you will come away recognising how one of the bravest men in our history was taken down by the left and his name turned into the very essence of political wickedness. 653 more words

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Free Market Economics and Say's Law

This post is the second of a series I am writing on the second edition of my Free Market Economics that has been published in association with the Institute of Economic Affairs in London. 636 more words

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What Happened to You, Jerry Mizner?

“So what is the word here? Is it confirmed?”
“Shit yes. They think maybe three, four months of no training. even then it’s touch and go because of the possibility of a relapse. 1,032 more words

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Day Fifty

Three Things I Learned:

1. The Shining movie is very different from The Shining┬ánovel, which goes into much more detail about Jack and Wendy’s childhood and family history. 98 more words


My favourite movies

Having written that Crimes and Misdemeanors is my favourite film of all time, I thought I would try writing down my all time list of favourites. 290 more words


An instructive parallel

There is, for some reason, a desire on the right to continuously play into the hands of the left on Joe McCarthy. Joe Biden’s son was brought into the army at age 43 and then, within a month, has been booted out because he has tested positive for cocaine. 423 more words

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My favourite Woody Allen film is 25 years old

Crimes and Misdemeanors was released a quarter of a century ago. The link tells the story right through so if you haven’t seen the film don’t read the review until you have watched it yourself. 420 more words

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