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Kaiser Bill and history

When my son did history in his final year of high school, his major school project for the year was a paper on the origins of World War I, which he attributed to the German Kaiser. 280 more words

Politics - International

Samuelson v Tarshis - a battle of the books

On the discussion on the HET website over introductory texts in economics, there is quite a bit on how the first Keynesian text in the US, Lorie Tarshis’s, … 582 more words

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Clay's Economics

This was the query at the history of economics website, which I might note, has had quite an interesting response:

I’m working on an analysis of introductory economics textbooks published in the United States between about 1890 and 1950 (the period between Marshall and Samuelson, roughly).

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Economic Theory And Policy

I Am 24

I read a book of short stories by Haruki Murakami, each of which was told in first-person by a narrator who at some point revealed his or her age.  129 more words

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The consequences of having no English word for entrepreneur

I have just finished a paper that will be published next year in a book that no one will read and so this will disappear. And to tell the truth, I cannot even tell how much this is even true, although it looks true enough to me. 800 more words

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Outlander - Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon

I began watching Outlander (TV series) a few weeks ago while house sitting. I was browsing though foxtel and came upon the very first episode. I fell in love! 351 more words

Books And Movies

John Stuart Mill - Principles of Political Economy

John Stuart Mill’s Principles of Political Economy is the greatest text on economic theory ever written. It was put together over the period from 1845 till 1848 when he had come to the conclusion that it was impossible to write a book on sociology that could address all of the contradictions that exist within human life. 151 more words

Economic Theory And Policy