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Interstellar and Super Beings

I saw the recently released movie Interstellar, a science fiction story about humanity’s effort to preserve our species in the face of a future environmental collapse by seeking another planetary home.  118 more words

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Debating Keynesian economics with a Keynesian

We are slowly but ever so surely finding our standard of living slipping away. In spite of all that public spending and the deficits and mounting debt – well actually because of all these things – we are slowing going under. 478 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

The Giller Prize Show

Did you catch the Giller Prize show on the CBC last Monday? The Scotiabank Giller prize is awarded each year for the novel or collection of short stories judged the best Canadian fiction of the year. 544 more words

Effervescent Bubble

Banjo picking in 1897

From the famous lost series of short sound films of banjo whiz Hezekiah Urastus Anderton. I guess the sound was added later.


Bernard Natan

One of the most spooky and unexpected documentaries I have ever come across. Natan was the Sam Goldwyn of French cinema but as forgotten today as it is possible to be. 120 more words

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Justice delayed is justice denied, and then there's Mark Steyn

I can only assume that whatever powers that be that might exist within the American legal system, there would be at least some effort being made to expedite the case of one of the most media savvy people in the universe. 231 more words

Books And Movies

Debating Keynes

The single most timely piece of economic writing I ever managed to put together was for Quadrant which was published online in February 2009 just as the various stimulus packages were being rolled out across the world. 874 more words

Economic Theory And Policy