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From the Creator: Swept into the depths of the Outlander Experience!

     Ahhhhh I feel a need to apologize for my lack of story updates lately. Unfortunately, I have succumbed to a grevious and vicious addiction which seems to have sucked the creativity completely out of me, leaving my brain feeling like a puddle of mush. 1,260 more words

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Unexpected Liking.

I love reading books. (As mentioned in my introduction)… but I like a particular type of genre to books ~ yeah I’m the typical girl who loves to read cute love stories but I like stories located in a different country (mainly Europe), with travelling and description of the sceneries, just so I can imagine for myself how beautiful places I haven’t been to are. 484 more words

From the creator: Concerns about Sims4

         If you read my home/about page, you will see that I use the Sims3 game for my story illustrations, scenes and character creation.  At times, I even occasionally play the game! 3,316 more words


Prologue to a New Story

The following is an excerpt from my new work in progress, “Locke Hart,” a Christian fantasy series. These are the opening five or so pages, so it’s not a long read, I promise. 1,704 more words


Blogger Book Review: "The Third Heaven" --The Prequel to the Bible?

The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars by Donovan M. Neal

Rating: 3/5 Stars.

Story Summary: Calling itself “The Prequel to the Bible,” this story is about Lucifer’s fall from Heaven and becoming Satan.  693 more words


Erotic Romance Excerpt and Giveaway!!

I recently read a great ebook by a fantastic new author, and she has a new book coming out in just a couple of weeks! I had to share this sneak peek… 422 more words


From the Creator

Ahhh Yes, I have been absent this week, but for such an excellent reason! I have just spent all week on the most incredible journey through time and through Scotland! 828 more words

Eleanor's Journal Entries