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Making Time

The writer of this blog calls it minimalism. I call it making more time for the things you truly love to do. Regardless of label, I seem to be feeling a theme this week in terms of wanting routine, organization and simplification. 70 more words


Black Bunny Fun

Stories of people who tire of their high pressure jobs and leave to go start a farm or retire to some creative utopia seem to resonate with lots of people. 109 more words


Reading Material

In keeping with flu season, I am sick, and today is the fifth day I have a fever and pretty much have to stay in bed. 276 more words


Michael Crichton: State of Fear

I bought this book last year but I never really had the time to have the momentum to finish this. I  re-read from the beginning to the part where Kenner meets George. 92 more words

Book Recommendations

Finnikin, Froi, and Quintana: A Marchetta Masterpiece

Over Christmas Break I finally had the opportunity to scratch out a few books on my “To Read” list on Goodreads. Always a lovely occurrence nowadays when I struggle to find time to sleep, let alone read. 525 more words

Books And Reviews

Book Review and some music to go with it! The Fox by Arlene Radasky

Ok, a break from our Viking adventure to quickly post my most recent book review! This book is nothing to do with the Viking Era, it goes much further back in time than that! 375 more words

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