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To Pause, Discern, Interpret

National Poetry Month. 24

“There is no literature or art without love and contemplation.”
– John Burroughs, from Under the Apple-Trees, ” Literature and Science” 219 more words

Flowers & Botany

Easing an Intolerable Hunger

National Poetry Month. 23

“If there were no poetry on any day in the world, poetry would be invented that day.  For there would be an intolerable hunger.” 7 more words

Books And The Literary Life


National Poetry Month. 22

“Whatever its actual content and overt interest, every poem is rooted in imaginative awe.  Poetry can do a hundred and one things, delight, sadden, disturb, amuse, instruct — it may express every possible shade of emotion, and describe every conceivable kind of event, but there is only one thing that all poetry must do; it must praise all it can for being and for happening.” 11 more words

Books And The Literary Life

The Path Between Reality and the Soul

National Poetry Month. 21

“Folks expect of the poet to indicate more than the beauty and dignity which always attach to dumb real objects. . . 74 more words

Books And The Literary Life

Experiencing the Particular

National Poetry Month. 20

” . . . a poet is a poet for such a very tiny bit of his life; for the rest, he is a human being, one of whose responsibilities is to know and feel, as much as he can, all that is moving around him, so that his poetry, when he comes to write it, can be his attempt at an expression of the summit of man’s experience on this very peculiar  and, in 1949, this apparently hell-bent earth.” 9 more words

Books And The Literary Life

Mysterious Sources and Rational Acts

National Poetry Month. 19

“The source of poetry is always a mystery, an inspiration, a charged perplexity in the face of the irrational — unknown territory.  46 more words

Books And The Literary Life

Poetry to a Poet

National Poetry Month. 18

“Poetry, to a poet, is the most rewarding work in the world.  A good poem is a contribution to reality.  The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it.  38 more words

Books And The Literary Life