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Good morning, Kathy. It’s Tuesday.

I am cold, but more importantly I am wet. I feel like I will never be dry. I roll over in the sleeping bag and open my eyes onto absolute darkness. 553 more words


Looking In Robert Frank's The Americans

I was aware that Robert Frank’s The Americans was an extremely important book for photography but before reading Looking In I had no idea why.  As a piece of work I just didn’t get it, I didn’t even particularly like most of the images.  489 more words


10 Books I'm Dying to Read This Summer

One of my favorite summer activities is reading. i love getting swept up in the adventure of a great novel. I also particularly like cultural novels, narratives from Jhumpa Lahiri or Amy Tan. 137 more words

Books I'm Reading

Another giveaway!!

It’s time for my second giveaway.  This time, I was asked to review a novel based on an upcoming film.  The title is Persecuted and the story follows John Luther, a popular TV preacher who is taking an unpopular stand against a new bill in Congress for religious equality.  316 more words

Books I'm Reading

Books I'm Reading - Unbroken

Thanks to an amazing article at artofmanliness.com, I reserved Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand and started up my first biography in a long time. I haven’t been able to put it down. 200 more words

Books I'm Reading

“We are less aware of the harm done our feelings by these pervasive shoulds than of other damage inflicted by them. Yet it is actually the heaviest price we pay for trying to mold ourselves into perfection.

43 more words

Books I'm Reading

This is an amazing, and poignant collection of stories that explore what it’s like to be a millennial in today’s world. It’s pretty quick to get through, and most of the stories really make you pause and think about what you are doing in your life. I really recommend this book !

Books I'm Reading