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Thank you Cellpoems

Really excited to say that my poem has been published as the poem of the week at Cellpoems! Cellpoems is one of my three favorite online publications, along with… 58 more words

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Girl Lesson #3

You were born with a paper lantern for a
the skin lit from within, the light in
of going out.

-Sandy Longhorn, Cellpoems

Books Poetry Lit

He Lives in an Ark and Dreams

My grandfather’s afraid of fortune and sails the world

In his handkerchief

He waves to the bottles in the sea

And reads their messages

The trenches are overflowing… 43 more words

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To celebrate his just-announced Pulitzer win, a poem from Vijay Seshadri!

We hold it against you that you survived.
People better than you are dead, 89 more words

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You are the start of the week
or the end of it, and according
to The Beatles you creep in
like a nun. You’re the second… 106 more words

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Little just-begun, dough rising,
sparrow northward, kicker south.
Lentil to grapefruit, you sleep-step sidewise,
turnover, pop-up, tongue in the mouth.

-Rachel Richardson, Cellpoems

Books Poetry Lit

My Daughter the Sea

“I am saltwater and undercurrents
and not nearly oceanic enough.
I break on these cliff-faces like waves
but I bend where the water would roar. 141 more words

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