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Zombie War: An Account of the Zombie Apocalypse that Swept Across America by Nicholas Ryan

A huge thanks to Australian author Nicholas Ryan for getting in touch with me to review his novel, Zombie War: an account of the zombie apocalyse that swept across America. 652 more words


eBooks for Helsinki in 2017! Spread the Word!

Have you heard of Storybundle, and the Weird Fiction ebooks that are a fundraiser for Helsinki in 2017?  Between now and December 24th, you can get amazing indie fiction at a name-your-price rate, and the proceeds help support the bid!  240 more words


almost famous women by megan mayhew bergman

Almost Famous Women by Megan Meyhew Bergman

It’s a beautiful cover but bears little relation to many of the women featured in the stories inside. 630 more words


Paypal to be Hacked Next?

Don’t laugh. It could happen. Who’s to say? Target, Neiman Marcus, UPS, Home Depot, Sony. Almost any site can be hacked with the proper technology and a little luck. 565 more words


Incubus Dreams - Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter - Laurell K. Hamilton

Incubus Dreams (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book 12)

TOTAL CRAP! This book was the worst of this series. I only read 45% of this book. I tried to go on and force myself through it but I just can’t do it anymore. 963 more words


Losing one boot renders the other useless, really.


God's Greatest Gift-Book Review

As I continued my quest for inspiration and to feed my habit I joined BookCrash, a book review site for Christian Authors. Recently, I had the opportunity to read God’s Greatest Gift, a book by Deborah Burch, provided to me by BookCrash.   264 more words