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Her Unseizeable Mystery | The First Introduction to Sophia

There are virtually unnumbered things that we could say about Her. We could consult our Book of Proverbs, pour through the pages of Ecclesiasticus. We could wonder, endlessly, at her own words, her affirmations of her presence at the beginning of time, and then her delight and her own participation with, the original efflorescence of the Creation, as it primordially unfolded. 674 more words


Book Festival: Letters Home

Can theatre help us approach the idea of dialogue from a different perspective? With the resurgence in letters and written correspondence in a world so tech-savvy, the Grid Iron theatre company certainly seeks to make you think about it with their promenade theatre – a first for the Book Festival. 84 more words


Book Review: The Class Book of Baby Names by Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins believes a name is a short cut to understanding everything you need to know about a child and more importantly the parent standing behind it. 1,031 more words


The path

I picked up Cheryl Strayed’s memoir “Wild” precisely because she does the exact opposite of what I would do if I was having a tough time: she takes a hike.  738 more words

Book Festival: Lynn Barber.

Imagine you’re a journalist making your first steps into the media world, and you’re given your first interview assignment. A small time singer? Someone of local significance? 92 more words


Ugyhur-Hui overview, biking from Xinjiang to Tibet, and a borderlands book

Amid turbulence in Xinjiang, here’s a comparison of China’s two main Muslim groups, the Hui and Uyghurs. There are major factors that show exactly why the two are treated and fare differently in modern Chinese society. 239 more words

Mainland China

Book review (Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler)

Finally finished reading this babe, it’s been a week of struggle reading it due to sickness (cough and colds actually and medicines makes me doze off). 167 more words