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The Week in Review

WordPress pulled a fast one on me last night when I tried to write a post. Things seem to be back to normal tonight so what’s a day late?? 396 more words


God only knows the reason despite all the troubles Africa has gone through, it is the wish of many developed countries including, Belgium, Holland and America to see the continent crippled, either by war, ethnic conflicts or diseases. 593 more words


Anna Karenina

The literary stars have aligned today (and by today I mean like three weeks ago when I actually wrote this post). This morning, I watched that episode of… 635 more words


Four books (and a newspaper) for the investor on your gift list

Attention, holiday shoppers: We are officially in last-minute gift-buying territory.

If you haven’t checked the calendar lately, this is the final weekend before Christmas. We’ve also reached the halfway point of Chanukah. 223 more words

The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman by Denis Thériault

Denis Thériault shows off his poetry skills in this tragic yet moving story of love and deceit.

Painfully shy and lonely postman, Bilado abandons the idea of an actual relationship and opts for  living vicariously through the letters he should be delivering. 183 more words


Cosy Day Essentials

It is a funny time of the year for me to be talking about feeling cosy as we are supposed to be in the middle of summer. 275 more words


The Book of a Few - Day One, Part Two

When I awoke, my eyesight blurred at first, I found myself in agony. I was Lying on my back in the crick with water up to my neck. 1,224 more words