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Back when I was the Kim Kardashian of Bookselling!

In the Waterstones staff-room taking a selfie on My Last Day there! Half a decade of my life there.


Before and After Fforde

In which The Author is on a reading binge

I’d like you to use your imagination for a few moments. Try and picture a world in which there’s a war in the Crimean Peninsula; in which Wales is an independent socialist republic; in which bookshops are closing at a frightening pace because nobody has the attention span to cope with anything more demanding than TV game shows and reality shows; in which a genial, plausible and extremely dangerous right-wing politician is only a few Europhobic steps away from becoming the most powerful man in England… 1,383 more words


Citing – Part III: How Do I Cite?

Daren Fowler

Your sources are collected and verified, and you are ready to start writing and citing! It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to actually cite your sources. 771 more words


Judge Posner orders estate to pay up over Sherlock Holmes copyright "extortion"

One of the country’s most well-known judges has taken the Arthur Conan Doyle estate to task for shaking down publishers, and for threatening to collude with distributors like Amazon(s AMZN) and Barnes & Noble(s BKS) to wring licensing revenue for Sherlock Holmes works that are clearly in the public domain. 400 more words


Pricing Children’s Books in the Age of Self-Publishing

Jessica Parker
Senior Publishing Consultant 

Authors of children’s books are quickly learning the difficulties in publishing children’s books in the age of digital printing and self-publishing. 534 more words