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Why am I Obsessed with Home Decorating?

There are certain things that make my heart hurt. Not a painful, “maybe you should get that checked out” hurt, or “that boy broke my heart” hurt. 565 more words


The Power of Books and Memory.

I have carried books with me my whole life. No matter where I go they are with me. They have comforted me in moments of almost inconsolable grief and have provided me with a place of escape. 366 more words

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Office With Arched Bookshelves by Chic Decorations

Pleased Monday, darlings! I am loving this gorgeous workplace, the arched bookshelves bring a je ne sais quoi to the space.
Later edit: this beauty belong to Jenny of Little Green Notebook. 17 more words

Daily inspiration, books

Bookcases filled with books is a lovely sight. They tell a lot about the person who lives there, but is a factor that contributes to a coziness that otherwise would feel as if something was missing. 6 more words

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Bookshelf Tour #1: How I Organize My Shelves

Enjoy! :D

Ok, so basically, what I’m going to do is tell you what genre of books are on each shelf in my room. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like a detailed tour of any of my shelves, or if you’d like me to do a TBR tour or Read books tour. 376 more words


Book Therapy

I have an issue with books: I love them. I love buying them. I love holding them. I love smelling them. If I had my way, I would surround myself in a room full of books and just sit for a couple of days and look at them. 613 more words


The Dream Reading Nook

A lot of us professional book fanatics cozy up on our beds to read, stretch out on the sofa. Maybe lounge on a bay window, if we’re lucky or sit at the poolside in beautiful weather if we’reĀ  412 more words